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About Crazy Cow Coffee

The Master Roasters at Crazy Cow Coffee have been perfecting their craft for many years. We decided early on that we would release no coffee until we reached perfection of roast. Anyone who has surfed the net and purchased coffee from other roasters has undoubtedly been faced with the choice to pick a degree of roast for any chosen type of coffee.

Such as: City, City plus, French, dark, and on and on.....

You won't find such distinctions here in our roasted coffee as it is ridiculous to think every given coffee will be acceptable at varying degree's of roast.


For example Colombian coffee should be creamy with slight hints of chocolate and mocha, while Ethiopian sidamo should brew with slight hints of blueberry. Thus this is how coffee's of the world bring natural flavors to coffee connoisseurs. To bring out these natural flavors of origin one must profile and roast each coffee to perfection, under or over roasting will obscure or miss these natural flavors completely.

So you can see it is incorrect to assume that each coffee from various origins can all be roasted to every degree of roast and still retain the natural inherent flavors. We at The Crazy Cow do not seek to change the natural origin of coffee, (which no one can), but to perfect and roast to optimal origin. What you will find with our roasting is

perfect bean at the perfect roast.

We are continually working on new coffee's from around the world and whether it takes 6 days or 6 months we will not release any coffee of new origin until we fully and completely reach optimal flavor.

Crazy Cow roaster
Patty Krickel

get's roasting tips from the Master Champion and Manufacture of the best coffee roasters made

"Mr. Coffee"

Steve Diedrich

Clint smiles with a grin of success as he takes the win in the best roast during the Diedrich roast challenge.